Senate Republican Health Care Overhaul Proposal has been announced.

Depending on your personal household and income situation, the proposed changes may not impact you directly but you should still educate yourself on what our paid representatives are attempting to put into effect.  Your situation may change in the future or you may have family/friends that are impacted greatly by the proposed changes.

Highlights of some of the proposed changes:

  • Repeals the individual requirement for healthcare
  • Repeals the employer requirement for healthcare
  • Change the subsidy from income based to age & income based
  • Allow insurers to charge 5X more premiums to older Americans
  • Cease Federal funding for Planned Parenthood for 1 year
  • Removes Medicare surtax of .9% on high earners
  • Removes Net Investment income tax on high investment earning households
  • Allows States to require some Medicaid enrollees to meet work requirements
  • A great link to read more is Senate Health Care Overhaul Proposal